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Welcome to the Family

It feels like you have become part of our family throughout this whole journey, and we want to be able to reward you for your support.

Earn points while you shop! It’s really simple…
The amount of points that you earn will depend on how much you spend when ordering:

1 Point: £18.00 – £54.00
2 Points: £55.00 – £74.00
3 Points: £75.00 – £94.00
4 Points: £95.00 +

Each point is worth 25p, and you can spend them once you have 10 points or you can save them for another time!

Step 1: Log in to your account and open up your Menu Tabs.
Step 2: Go to your Account Tab.
Step 3: Once you’ve accessed your Account, you will see a drop down list – click on ‘Points’ and you will be able to see how many points you have.
Step 4: Once you have more than 10 points, you can redeem these through ‘View Cart’ after adding all your items to your basket.

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