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Buy this large insulated box once and its yours to keep. Leave it and the icepacks at your door and we will replace the ice packs each delivery. If you don’t mind waiting for your delivery that’s great, continue as normal, but if you think you might be out then follow these steps…

Step 1 = ‘Order the ‘Moo Cool Box’ with your next delivery. (We are selling them at cost) When ordering you can leave a ‘note’ as to where you would like it placed.

Step 2 = When delivering your fresh goods we will place them in the box with two ice packs. This will hold them at fridge temperature all day!

Step 3 = You keep the box, place all your goods in the fridge and leave the ice packs in the box.

Step 4 = Keep your box safe and ready to be used again for the following order.

Step 5 = Leave your ‘Moo Cool Box’ out on your delivery day. We replace the ice packs and the cycle continues!

Fresh, Convenient and Reusable!

Please Note – If ordering ice cream it would only keep solid for an hour at most in the box.

Tested on the hottest day of the year!


43 Litre Box

Internal (mm): 505 x 305 x 280

External (mm) : 585 x 385 x 360
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